DREAM ALONE: On June 28th the Steam rises all around while we turn the Switch on.

DREAM ALONE: On June 28th the Steam rises all around while we turn the Switch on.


Irra has been Dreaming Alone for far too long. His parents won't last forever. They’ve fallen ill with a terrible disease. That's why we’ve decided that the brave young boy must rush to begin his journey as soon as possible!
It was a peaceful day in a quiet village when a horrible illness came on suddenly from nowhere. All of the inhabitants fell to the ground, asleep in a death-like state. Only one boy named Irra had somehow proven resistant to the disease. Now, it's his responsibility to help his friends and family, so he embarks on an adventure to find the mysterious Lady Death who, it is told, possesses the unimaginable power to lift any curse or cure any sickness.
The boy can no longer wait to go forth on his puzzle platforming adventure. We want to lend him a hand and we need YOU to help him with his struggles. Irra starts his journey on Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 28th. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are coming this fall as planned. We're sure you also can't wait to meet Lady Death!
Dream Alone is a challenging platforming game inspired by the likes of LIMBO and Super Meat Boy. Test your skills to the limit and solve environmental puzzles as Irra tries to reach Lady Death and save his family from impending doom!
To stay up to date, please add the game to your wishlist. You can also help our courageous Irra by following his Facebook and Twitter accounts where he keeps all his important notes from his eerie adventures.
Dream Alone
What: 2D platformer with classic gameplay
Who: WARSAW GAMES published by Fat Dog Games
Where: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch
When: June28th 2018

About Fat Dog Games
A rapidly expanding game publisher based in Warsaw, Poland, Fat Dog Games publishes 20 games a year and is listed on the Polish stock exchange. The company publishes games in international markets on Steam, game consoles, mobile platforms, VR and others.

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