DREAM ALONE: Our videos

DREAM ALONE: Our videos


1. Mysterious sickness struck a quiet village. Now it's to yound boy to find a mythical Lady Death and ask her for assistance! Dream Alone - a new LIMBO inspired puzzle platformer launches Q1 2018.

2. Only a small boy was left alone in despair when his friends and family fell victim to a terrible sickness. Guide him through the unforgiving world of death, darkness and misery in Dream Alone - a challenging puzzle platformer for the most skilled players.
3. Our brave boy Irra has some aces up his sleeve. Check out this gameplay overview to get to know him a bit more and see how can you lend him your hand.
4. Irra can switch between two separate realities but you can switch your playstyle. Venture through the darkness wherever you are as Dream Alone releases on Nintendo Switch! Help Irra solve puzzles at home or on the go!easer 
The best is yet to come! Here's the launch trailer for Dream Alone!

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DREAM ALONE: On June 28th the Steam rises all around while we turn the Switch on.

Irra has been Dreaming Alone for far too long. His parents won't last forever. They’ve fallen ill with a terrible disease. That's why we’ve decided that the brave young boy must rush to begin his journey as soon as possible!
. It was a peaceful day in a quiet village