Few words about Fat Dog Games

Few words about Fat Dog Games


"How did you come up with the name for Fat Dog Games?

My girlfriend always wanted to have a French Bulldog. He took his friends and they bought her one for birthday. She was very happy about it, although she figured it out and in the end it wasn't much of a surprise.

When I started the company, I was thinking a lot about the name. Catchy name is a key to success and it's not so easy to come up with a memorable one.

One day, at a party, while talking about bussiness, my friend said - "Fat Dog Games!" and that immediately clicked with me! Next day we made a pixelated logo and started to dream big!

When we changed the company's profile from the game developer to publisher, we thought to ourselves if the name Fat Dog Games still fits us as it sounds more like a game studio. When we made a new proposals and sent them to our investors, they said that "Games" must remain in the name of the company, because brokers on stock market won't understand why a company from the game industry doesn't want to have the "game" part in their name.That's how the name stuck with us till this day.

What is the company’s mission?

FDG's mission is to provide the players with the best selection of indie games and open new possibilities for young game studios and developers.

What would positive messages about Fat Dog Games be helpful to get across to each of our core audiences?

We're financing projects from the start to finish. We work with 15 game studios on as much as 30 projects which we're promoting all around the world e.g. on ChinaJoy, Gamescom, and PAX West.

Why did you start the company?

We worked as a developers for a very long time and we managed to establish many connections with various investors interested in the video game industry. With that in mind and with all the experience we acquired through the years, we felt that we can create a company that will give others an opportunity to make quality games they always dreamed of making. The opportunity we didn't always have.

What aspects of development or company culture do you want to retain your work at other companies?

- Flexibility (adapt & overcome!)
- Independence and responsibility
- Nothing is impossible! ;) We started the company a little more than a year ago and we have already published games 5 and 20 releases upcoming!

How many employees does Fat Dog Games have?


What city/country should we say Fat Dog Games is based out of?

Poland, Warsaw

What tone should we use when talking about Fat Dog Games?

We think about ourselves as normal, stratightforwad with big ambitions and dreams. But we don't compromise! We're very much aware that we're still a pretty small company in comparison with the whole industry, but we have balls to aim for the top!"
- Dariusz Skrzypkowski, CEO of Fat Dog Games

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